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Limeline - Wrong or fake product delivery

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  POOJA JHA on 15 May 2019

I had placed an order for 2 dresses on limeline.in on May 9, 2019, and made a cash payment of Rs 1078/-. They confirmed the same vide order no. 53911OS. They have dispatched my order but when I received the courier I found that only one dress no.186 and after opening the parcel it was found that it is a saree and kurti dress material which is having a worst quality,which I had not ordered as different from shown in picture on website and Immediately I called the number of the customer care of limeline and I fill the return/refund form but no call back.till date, no one called. Then put the message. Then I put the message on their online facebook ad but still no response. I don`t know why they are not responding and who is at fault their despatch team or courier company. I also filled the return and refund form still no response. Also on the receipt limeline.in is not mentioned. However, it is my loss but I am shocked and surprised by their lack of response. Now I am scared to do any online shopping. What we some we reap. Mine is though small loss but the loss is a loss. I am honest and God will compensate even my small loss. Product pics attached. As they delivered

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