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PEXIV COMPANY - Company fooling people for money.

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  Crime Branch Pune on 27 Mar 2019

Hello, We can see that pexiv company is fooling people for money. They are threatening people and asking for money. There are multiple complaints for every single day. And still nobody took any legal action against that company. I request you to please help poor and needful people to be victims of this company. I am doubtful that these people are pretending to be the a Grahak Support executive after user put a complaint against them and asking people to mark their complaint as resolved. So that they can play safe game with other poor people. Please take action on this company ASAP. Edit 1 : 7229016109 this is the number from which people gets a call and they ask to mark our complaint as resolved. This is a big Money making SCAM. Please help. Thanks.


Sidharth Bagga 5 months ago

Thank You Crime Branch Pune for supporting all persons suffering from this kind of problem. This company is making manipulating and making fraud and threatening peoples and forcing them to pay an amount otherwise they will make them in a big legal problem which is also a fraud. Actually, the company can not do anything because it is a fraud company so they can not take the benefit from Law. I wish and hope every person who is suffering from this kind of problem make themselves calm and tension f

15gireesh reply on comment, 5 months ago

friend cybercrime is take the case or not?

15gireesh 5 months ago

sir please take legal action against them their are lot of people are suffering its fraud company please sir take action against them as soon as possible if you want any information i will provide you

15gireesh 5 months ago

just now i received call from 7229016109 he told that mark it resolved in both grahak and consumer compliant portal i mark it resovled after he send me mail like your problem solved i want to know my problem is resolved or not received one document from legal department

Crime Branch Pune 5 months ago

Guys just stop replying them. They will not do anything against you. All the agreements, legal notices, advocates and customer support services are fake.

15gireesh reply on comment, 5 months ago

how to stop those frauds daily lot of members are suffering i s their any solution to take legal action against them

Crime Branch Pune reply on comment, 5 months ago

do not mark your complaint resolved until genuine grahak support people reach out to you...

Crime Branch Pune reply on comment, 5 months ago

If you get grahak support reply on your registered email or contact number with them then only mark it as resolved.

Crime Branch Pune 5 months ago

Kartik Mahender what is the proof that you are from customer support ?

reply on comment, 3 months ago

Contact me please royalspata@gmail.com I need your help

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