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Policybazaar - Non cooperation in modification/changes in my car insurance policy taken through policy bazaar

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An Anuj Kumar on 29 Nov 2019

My name is Anuj Kumar. I have purchased a car policy from policy bazzar on 02 September 19 for my car having registration no.UP14DU3666. My car is diesel variant. I have choosen UNITED INDIA INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED as service provider for insurance policy. On receipt of my car policy, it came to my notice that i have been charged for CNG kit and IDV for CNG Kit is also included in the IDV of the car also. I reported the same discrepancy on 03.09.19 and thereafter through several mails. I informed the same discrepancies to policybazzar that i have been charged extra for CNG Kit and the same to be refunded. My service request number is ID-PB55754127. While communication on tollfree number, i have also provided copy of previous insurance policy as requested. I was informed through mail on 03.09.2019 that the same will be rectified in 15 days but till date the changes as requested has not been done. I met with an accident on 16.10.2019 and my car was badly damaged. I have applied for claim for the damages of my car on 20.10.2019 to policy bazzar and i again informed the discrepancy again to them aa i know there is a possibility that my claim will be turned down in the basis of these discrepancies. At the time of final submission of the report of damages by surveyor Sh. Sanjay Verma appointed by United India Insurance Company Limited , I received a call from him that your insurance policy shows CNG Kit . Thereafter I informed him that i have already informed policy bazaar for modification of the same but till date , my work has not been done by policy bazzar. My claim has been passed by United India Insurance mentioning therein that the policy holder has already informed the policy bazaar for modifications in the policy. Till then I have been trying to resolve my issue but the same is not being done by policy bazaar. On28.11.2019, i received a mail from policy bazaar that there is a shortfall of Rs.200 on account of modification in policy and the same needs to be deposited for change to be made in the policy. I informed them that i have already been charged in excess for CNG Kit , so why i have to deposit the amount. Refund for amount charged on account of CNG Kit is to be issued in my favour. I have been trying for modification in my policy but still no help. I have been talking to Ankit Negi Ji and Gourav Rana Ji for the same. I request for help in the said matter since i have been following for the same from last three months.

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