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RD 17 Apr 2019

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Respected Sir Mam My name is Nisha Mishra I was searching online jobs for positive engagement On 5 th April 2019 I recieved a call from a unknown number her name was Keny Ray.she asked me to do this home based typing jobs..she assured me about the payment..she said after the completion of your task company will pay you an amount acc to 25rs per form I said yes..within a min she asked my id proof my signature and mailed this 900 form filling task with username and password Before that she sent an agreement also which states that if assigned person is failed to complete the task he or she has to pay 4700 as their registration charge Then i re confirmed this point from KENY RAY she assured me that after completion of the task company will give you amount . Let me inform that filling 900 forms that is not an easy and part time job because per day i required to sit 10 hrs to complete the target ..per day i had struggle to complete my target that was 100 forms .. I have manage this task with my other household responsibilities. On 14 April ( 9th day and last date of the task) I have submitted my task successfully Very next day i received a mail that states i will get qc report within 3 ..4 days. And on 16 April directly i was getting mail from ATHUL PATEL that your qc report failed so you have to pay 4700 other wise we will take legal action. Plz save me sir from this fraud company Plz take strict action Again i was shocked to see similar complaints made by other peoples. plz sir help me out from this situation Company ..PWM Contact person..KENY RAY Lawyer ..ATHUL PATEL

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