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RD 24 Apr 2020

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Hello all, I have been cheated by by saying they will offer me job assistance. Mentioned below is the actual situation occurred I get a call saying shine offers job service and i need to pay 2949 for registration, which i agree and make the payment. After 20 minutes i get a call from a different department and they say i have completed registration and we need to move ahead in the process by paying rs 4400 for educational verification and immediately a link is sent to me, i pay that also assuming this is the last payment. Then the same person on call says we need to do my employment documentation and i need to pay 6700 for the same. I pay that as well. After this comes some series of services where they loot me for another 30, 000 which they get the payment from me and still they say i have paid only 70% of the amount and to complete the process i still need to make another rs 25000. Have attached the payment advise for your reference, I also have recordings which says that I was forced to pay in spite of me telling I do not have money. To get me a job of rs 80, 000 a month these guys are asking me to pay around rs 70, 000 and they never will tell you how much you need to pay for the overall process I really want my money back, please help me to get back by money i have paid and please do not ask for any MONEY from me now as I really do not have any money to pay but for surely pay once i get my money back. Thanks and regards Gururaj SY

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