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RD 16 Mar 2023

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This is in regards to taking payment by way of Blackmailing because here first you have raised the bill of Rs. 3657 stating that services will be included to prepare profile and on top priority the interview will be arranged thereafter said that our senior person will talk to you further process. When Senior person mr Nitin has come on the line he was explaining about job and giving guarantee for the job but i am unable to understand how he can give guaranteed for the job and he was not informing for the amount to be paid just saying that you check your email when i checked email i found that invoice has been raised for Rs. 6961/- and saying that you have to make the payment of this invoice if you want to continue for the services otherwise you will not get any kind of services. Unfortunately by doing the blackmailing to me I was forced to pay Rs. 6961/- thereafter immediately raised the third invoice of Rs. 15993/- saying that you have also to make the payment of Rs. 15993/- otherwise you will not get the services. Then I reacted and said that I don`t want any kind of service, kindly refund my money and he is out of the picture and then a third person has come on the line saying that if you want the services you have to pay the amount you will not  get any refund. Today also one person Mr Munesh kumar has called me to give a message that we will not refund the amount if you want to continue for services then you have to pay more Rs. 15993/-. I have explained the facts of the incident to me but nobody is ready to accept and hear about the refund of my money. It is a very serious issue and it has happened with so many customers. I have checked with consumer court status about In case I am not getting payment this week then I will raise my voice in the public forum and take back my money.

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