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RD 17 Apr 2019

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I want to file a case against this Company (KPV Solution Online Form Filling) though I am not sure about the existence of this company now as they are behaving like scammer. They are very very intelligent with respect to other data entry platform. They wont ask for money initially, will make an agreement between you and them. Will give you 1500 form to finish in 10 days and each form they will pay INR 20/-. If 90% accuracy is not there they will pay nothing and you need to pay 5000/- What they do, if you fill up all the forms correctly, at the moment of final submission they will generate a pdf with all entered data and you will find that though you have entered data properly a big number of data got manipulated automatically from backend and in the pdf a huge number of data is incorrect and eventually your QC i.e Quality Check will be failed. Now you do not have any proof other than that pdf which itself has incorrect data which is manipulated by their system in order to show that your work does not have 90% accuracy. Same happened with me and now they are threatening to give them money, else they will take legal action. How come a fraud organisation take legal action. Please help me. Does this organization really exists.

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