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AF metro home appliances - Mini Refrigerator not getting powered on

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  Akshith on 3 Sep 2019

I have purchased LG 50 Ltr Mini Refrigerator from AF Metro Home Appliances through OLX advertiser Armaan (8722257009) who belongs to the same company. They have delivered it today morning (03-09-2019 @1:30am). They asked me not to switch on till 4 hours since there will be some gas leakage in compressor due to transit. I have switched it on morning at 6:30 am. But, immediately after switch on I was hearing a tickle sound from the compressor and refrigerator is getting turned off. I have taken a video of this and sent it Armaan over whats app. They have given me a 3 years warranty card on which they have written for customer service contact (8951723305) I contacted Armaan he didn`t respond initially also contacted the service number but still no answer. Later this guy Armaan replied in whats app saying that I`ll send a technician. As I replied I`m in office he said he`ll send technician tomorrow. Then I have asked whether the unit sold to me is working or not? No response from this guy too. Wondering that he has not argued anything and simply said said that he`ll send a technician as if he knows this unit is a faulty one. Please take some action on this guys, since it is not even 6 hours after sale the unit is not getting powered on itself. Sincere advise to OLX, please don`t involve this sort of seconds company guys to advertise any products in your website. Br, Akshith

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