CHIS (Country holidays Inn and suites) - Fraudsters| Neither service nor refund

RD 9 Aug 2022

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They are the real fraudsters doing fraud in the daylight. First of all, they will give you lucrative coupons and offers to call you at their place. ( I went to Bristol, Gurgaon) Once you are in they have hired some butchers whom they called a Sales Representative who will do a lot of fake promises to you and will do and say literally anything to make you believe that they won`t deceive you and that they are the most genuine company in the world but they are actually doing their work of butchering and will take a hefty amount out from your pocket. In my case, I paid 1.7 lakhs + 10k per year AMC for a 10-year membership. Once you have purchased your membership, they`ll start humiliating you in all the ways possible. People thought if they`ll buy such a membership that will save their time and efforts and they`ll be less tense while planning for a trip but the reality is just the opposite of what we thought while taking their membership. I have written them 40-50 mails for a booking for which eventually I have to change dates and the property was not even worth it. They will not respond to your calls either even on emergency numbers. They will never ever give you a booking as per their available dates and completely forget about the hotel choices. You`ll get this set of responses from them upon receiving your request for booking - 1) we are unable to proceed with your booking on the captioned date due to high occupancy we are not getting any availability on the dates requested from your end, Kindly flexible your dates so we can check the availability further. 2) We regret to inform you that your requested property is sold out on your caption dates. Also, while selling you a membership, they`ll say that they only provide 5-star properties in the location where a 5-star is available and if a 5-star is not present in a particular location, they will give multiple options for 4-star properties from which you can select. first of all, they don`t have any 5-star property and secondly, they won`t give you any option. They will just give you one property option that can be even 2 or 3 stars and will be very far away from the central location. Also, they committed that they will provide us with a complimentary trip to the Maldives for 3 nights for which upon asking for booking they asked me for 80k to pay for 3 days( I guess these people don`t know the meaning of complementary) If I need to pay such a hefty amount for booking then I don`t know why did I pay them nearly 2 lakhs (including AMC). Lastly, after all these harassments, when I asked them for a refund, they simply denied that neither they provide me booking nor a refund. It`s my hard-earned money, if I`m not getting service then I have the right to get a refund of my membership fee. So, after exhausting all avenues, now I`m here on this platform to ask for justice and I`m willing to take legal actions against them as well. If anyone else has also been humiliated just like me by CHIS, please contact me at or you can call me at +91 828 555 4353 so that we can join hands and can fight against these fraudsters for our rights. At last, I want to give advice to all the people seeing my post, please have a word with me if you are even thinking to buy this membership.

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