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RD 30 May 2020

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I am Tanmay Shettiwar and I am living in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I have bought a watch from club factory app, the product was delivered to me by 14 March 2020. When I checked the product the colour of the product was very dull as compared to the picture shown in club factory. So I applied for return and they picked up the order on 17 March 2020, I returned the product within 7 days as per their policy and the product was undamaged and checked by the pickup boy and also they charged extra 100 rupees for pickup and I returned the product 15 days before lockdown and I asked them for refund 4 days after pickup and they said when the product will be delivered to club factory premises then only you will get refund. And after 2 months, on 17 May 2020 they replied that your return application has been rejected and the reason they said was that the product did not pass the quality check and I contacted their customer service and they said to apply for arbitration and I also told them that the product was returned undamaged and I applied for arbitration, then also they rejected the request. And when I contacted their customer service they told different reason that I have put wrong product in the return parcel and they told that they could not give refund in this situation and also they said that this was the reason to reject your request. Means that first they told different reason and now they told another reason. And also except the product cost which was 844.29 rupees , I have spent extra 200 rupees for delivery and pickup of the product. So sir please help me in this situation, I want my all the money back not the product. Please sir please help me.

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