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CSR-Captcha Work Company - Blackmailing by CSR Company

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  Shailesh Sharma on 19 Aug 2019

On 2Aug 2019, A lady called me multiple times and told me, you can earn 22500 just by filling 9000 captcha in 10 days and asked to send aadhar card on whatsapp (9766540109). I send it. Later I got a mail and they send me the digitally signed agreement and ID , password. Their app did not started so I called that lady but she blocked my number. After 2 days it started and I began my work but the app was not functioning properly so I left the work. They gave my case to an advocate and he is blackmailing me through calls and messeges foe 5100 rupees and 3000 rupees for court expenditure. He is taling about legal notices and proceeding. Please help me to come out from this.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.


Mayur Niranjane 5 months ago

how to resolve these?

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