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CSR COMPANY captcha work from home - Captcha work fraud

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  khushnod khan on 16 Sep 2019

Dear Sir, A man mobile no. 8657585741 called on 31 August. He told me resolve captcha work and you will get monthly payment of 22500/- first 10 days solve 10000 captcha. For the work there is charges. After that he send a link on my email. He told to digitally sign as agreement of work. As a signature I have crossed and submitted (but signature is not completed). Further he told me not to pay money on any stage. CSR company give me user ID and password on 2nd September but I have didn`t receive log in link and work procedure, so I didn`t log in till date. After that I registered online complain to csr company also send the email to customer help line regarding didn`t receive link & work procedure for starting of captcha work also informed to person who was first time contacted to me but didn`t get any response. Two days back dated 14/9/2019 I received a call and email see below details and find the all communication evidence in attachment. Today I received email from ADITYA MANE Mon 9/16/2019 10:04 AM To: khushnod Khan (khushi_147@hotmail.com); COME TO THE COURT I WILL REGISTER YOUR CASE. Note: please help me to out from this issues. INTIMATION LETTER AM ADITYA MANE Mon 9/16/2019 10:04 AM To: khushnod Khan (khushi_147@hotmail.com); COME TO THE COURT I WILL REGISTER YOUR CASE. KK khushnod Khan Greetings, This is for your kind information and consideration, I registered with csr captcha but didn`t get any target or link from csr for starting of work, so I registered online complain also informed the person who was contacted to me for joining but till Sun 9/15 AM ADITYA MANE Sat 9/14/2019 10:12 AM Junk Email To: khushi_147@hotmail.com; To, Khushnood Khan I, Adv.Aditya Mane, on behalf of my client, CSR , do hereby send you this afore said email in order to intimate you as here under that: You decided to engage in the work of data entry operation with my client and as a part of the mandatory process, you signed an express agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions stipulated therein. You received practical demo of the Work that you are supposed to provide to my client. You also received a user Id and password which was sent to you by my client on your registered Email ID. You agreed to follow all the process both orally as well as in written with my client. Owing to the said express agreement made by you, you are liable to pay up Utility and Maintenance charges to my client. Once the said payment is made, you shall receive an NOC certificate within 45 minutes of the payment to my client. As per Sec.14 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act and also the Indian Contract Act, you are bound by the terms of agreement and thereby liable to pay the mandatory charges at the earliest. Awaiting your response Adv Aditya Mane Above description received from captcha company I`m waiting for your positive response

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