RD 5 Feb 2020

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I applied for data entry work in Quikrr ,, one day I got call from data info services which was speaked by an lady . She told me about job work which was to fill 1000 applications in 7 days with 90% accuracy and they just told to verify otp to get login I`d ,, so I verified otp . How should an OTP can be digitally signed . They sended PDF has already digitally signed in it .. then how I will be accepted . Then I entered to login ,after that I completed my work within 6 days and I rechecked all the data 3 times . In Mobile there is no difference between 0 and O. So for rechecking I used laptop . So it shows clear view of 0 & O . Further I corrected all those . Finally I submitted the work again I checked once .Then how is the possibility that I was not reached the cutoff . They changed the data that I submitted. In around 450-700 applications they changed more than 130 applications ,, all mistakes are 0`s & O`s exchange. Further remaining applications are all most right? How is it possible ? They definitely manipulated data . So please help me sir ,, now I read all the reviews of company ,, so many people have same issues . Please help so many students sir . Now they are threatening me that we file a case on u. Help us sir.

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