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RD 29 Oct 2018

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Hello Sir/Madam, I am Pranav Purankar from Pune. I got a call regarding home based data entry work. Actually I am in the search of home based data entry work so I got a work from Global Star Solution, Gujarat. Sir I don`t know exact city where the company belongs because they told me that their office is located in Vadodara city Gujrat, India. For further work they ask for one Government approved document then I`ve submitted my voter ID copy on 9th Oct 2018. After that they provide me username and password to login their companies website ( and deadline of seven days. Means I need to submit my work in 7 days and complete 800 forms.They need 720 forms with 90% accuracy. So I am unable to complete it in given time frame and I called them to extent my date for that I`ve paid Rs,2000/- (Extension amount) to company`s owner paytm (SUFIYAN MALIK). After that I got extra two days to complete it. Then after two days I got call from company that your Quality Check report is failed to achieve 90% accuracy. Then they again told me new rule of rechecking form for that I need to pay Rs,7000/- to company. Again I have paid Rs,7000/- to Sufiyan Malik paytm but there is error occur in my paytm page and didn`t show transaction is done. But actually transaction was successful but they called me and told me that your money not received then I transferred (Rs,7000/-) these by bank from one of friends bank account. But actually transaction of paytm was successful after some time I get mail that your transaction is successful means at that movement I`ve transferred Rs14,000 to company.At that time they told me that I`ve filled 150 wrong forms but actually it was 131 in all 800 forms. Then I rechecked all forms twice and fulfilled companies criterion of 90% accuracy. But before three days ago they again called me and told that "sorry sir your accuracy not fulfilled, so again you need to pay Rs,4500/- as penalty as you filled 171 wrong forms." Then I told them that it`s impossible I have filled all forms with accuracy. But they argued with me and told me If you want your salary and refundable amount which Rs.16,000 you need to pay Rs.4500 for rechecking. So sir I`ve no option again I`ve paid Rs.4500 to company`s owner paytm. So sir total amount which is paid by me to company is Rs.20,500 (Twenty Thousand and Five Hun-dread Rupees). Sir I took lot efforts to complete it with accuracy I didn`t sleep three nights. Now Sir I`m in trouble because I`ve paid my money of room rent, monthly mess to them. I`m scared that they are doing fraud with me because when I paid Rs,4500 last time and started rechecking forms no single error in that form all form are typed in accurate manner as company told earlier "you need to fill as it is data in given field. So sir I`ve doubt that company is located in Vadodara Gujrat,India. I have all contact details of company and screenshot of all 800 forms which I`ve filled accurately on companies website.Sir please help me sir humble request to you please sir. They are doing fraud with many people and don`t want to do the same thing with other people. Sir please help me to get my salary (Rs20,000 +Rs20,500) total amount Rs40,500. Sir please and their staff is arrogant they speak very rudely after completing payment. I`ve all proofs of payment, screenshot of 800 forms and all proofs related to these. Sir/madam I`am sending you payment proofs (as attachment its college of all four payments because there is only one image option in garahak complaints website so it is not possible to send 4 image at a time) and contact details of company:- Contact number :- 1) Sufiyaan Malik (+91-9714008311) They never pick call I`ve called them 35 times. 2) G.S. Solution Deduction Departmen (+91-7043404957) 3) G.S. Solution Verification Department (+91-7226823618) 4) G.S. Solution Verification Department (+91-7600358404) 5) G.S. Solution Customer Care (+91-6356569983) Email ID:- My Bio-data:- Name :- PRANAV PRAFULL PURANKAR Contact No. :- +91-8605543527 email id:- Current City :- Pune, Maharashtra, India Hometown :- Ghatanji, (Dist.Yavatmal), Maharashtra, India

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