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Deep car transport - Delay in delivery

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  Kamaljeet singh on 22 Nov 2019

Sir I have booked my car to deliver it to my home from bhatinda to gaya .The company website has mentioned that they provide cash on delivery...the person who came to recieve my car he also told me no need to pay now pay on delivery...but after five days they are telling me that pay full amount otherwise wait for your car...so I paid half amount online to their account and told them balance amount I`ll pay on delivery...but they very rudelyresponded to me then wait for your car...sir they are making fool of consumer they are making their own policy and they can change as per their comfort... it`s eighth day yet they have not delivered my car...when I ask them they don`t receive the call..sir please take some action against them so in future they must have a knowledge that there is a law in India and we all have to follow it...

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