DS Services - Fraud form filling company. Court notice ki dhamki de rhe hai

RD 11 Feb 2020

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I have got call from DS Services, LATIR, Maharashtra for online form filling. They gave me job for typing 1500 application in 10 days, i have spend 6 hrs daily and do it in time. After that they said to sent me a address proof document and then they made a agreement on a non judiciary stamp of my name and their own as second party. Then they sent me a user id and password with a website link named workfromhomes.in And after that l have checked their reviews and i came to know company totally fraud but even also i continued working very hard in some hope. I completed my work and submitted to them in time. I have checked my work almost 2-3 times everything was perfect. Also in starting they have showed demo work that is totally different than the work that they actually provided. Still, i have completed everything without any mistakes. After that they FAILED my work while QUALITY CHECK(QC). While checking my qc report i came to know that there are so many words which are right but, they showed as wrong. Now, they are mailing me and demanding for money, also saying if i wont pay the money they will take legal actions against me. Sir/Madam, I have already paid them a big amounts 2 times, i have proof of the same in form of NOC given by them. But now they are calling me again and demanding for more money. I am very much mentally disturbed now. Please check this whole matter. They are trying to pressurize me mentally and giving me threats of court.I am student and not able to concentrate on my studies because of all this and feeling very much disturbed. They are Calling me with different numbers and demanding for money. Please do needful and look forward try to take some actions as soon as possible. Before it gets more worst

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