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Elegant Interior Kolkata (Address: BA-14, Santi Pally, Naskarhat, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, India - Elegant Interior Kolkata Cheating Case

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  Koustuv Sarkar on 4 Dec 2019

• We (Koustuv Sarkar & Anyapurba Debnath ) hired Elegant Interior Kolkata (Address: BA-14, Santi Pally, Naskarhat, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, India) to complete an interior designing project for our flat in Sugam Sudhir, Kolkata. We are NRIs based in Doha, Qatar. The initial quote was Rs 28,493,66. We agreed with them to pay the amount in installments from Sept 19 till mar 2020. • We paid the token amount of 1 lakh Rs on 03 June 2019 and the team started completing the 3 D designs. • After 3 D designs there were some additions from our side and then they sent the revised quotations in Sept 2019 which we agreed via email. • The actual work started in Sept 2019 and the progress of the work was very slow. But we never made any delays in payment and we kept on paying them money by cheque or bank transfer as agreed. • In Nov 2019 I came to know the door lamination was not included in the quote and I requested the owner Sandip Roy to include the same in the quote finalized earlier. He didn’t respond to the email • My mom called the team members Pooja and Shreya and told them to include the same in the quote or we would not go ahead with the project. • Shreya on behalf of Sandip Roy sent a nasty email accusing us that we threatened their team which is a false allegation. • I spoke to Sandip Roy on call and he requested me to continue the project .I sent him a text message and confirmed that I won’t go ahead with the project on Friday 29 Nov 2019. • Sandip Roy met my family members on Monday 02 Dec 2019 at our flat with his team and he said that even if work has not been fully done we cannot refund the full money. He promised to do his best to refund the remaining amount. • Today Pooja from her team emailed me the final settlement where she had shown a high amount of Rs 11,269,09 and the refund amount is as less as Rs 141,935/-. • My family members checked the work and they found hardly any work has been done and this company is trying to cheat us by not refunding our money. Also the materials he procured for the project has not been returned and their team took all the materials away. • The work they have shown as 100% in the final bill is not correct and they are charging the full amount even when 10% of work has been done for those items. We anticipate hardly Rs. 6, 000, 00 work has been done and they are showing as high as Rs. 11, 269, 09. Also charging GST and deducting it from the final amount. • We sense this is a serious fraud and we need to expose this company and get our money refunded. • I am based in Doha, Qatar and my mobile no is +974-33710299 and email koustuvs@gmail.com • In Kolkata the focal points will be my mother Sunanda Sarkar (9433353451) and Sushroota Sarkar (9831176264)

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