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Expressway agarwal shifting pvt ltd - Non settlement of insurance amount

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  Krishnamoorthy on 20 Jun 2019

We had transported Goods from expressway agarwal shifting ,by paying all the amount to the tune of RS 34500, covering the insurance coverage also @ 3 pct.. Along with unloading charges..however the said transport Co failed to unload the material in Kerala... Quoting that there is a union problem... But in relatity the union didn`t create any issues.... Only the driver came with the truck... With our materials... And we in turn have to arrange all the unloading process..apart from the above the materials came in a damaged condition.... When we contacted the representative of the shifting Co.. He promised initially that the amount will be refunded into our a/c very shortly.... But it was just a false promise quoted by them... It`s almost now three months either there is response from them.. Nor any feedback... The representative is just disconnecting the mobile calls.

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