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RD 21 Feb 2019

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Respected sir/medium I received a call from a man named Keni Roy And he said me that i can earn 22500 in 9 days by working from home.. Then i registered with them by providing adhaar card details photo and signature.. After that i received a agreement on my mail id and in the agreement it was mentioned that if i dont work or leave the job in between or if i dont complete the work with 90% accuracy then i have to pay penalty of 4700 to the company.. So after reading all the terms and condition i started my work. But after few days i searched on google about the company and found many complaints about that company... They generate fake qc report and then threaten the employee for the money.. I also verified their agreement by my lawyer and he said that the agreement is fake... Please help me sir.. Or they will call and threat me alsoPlease help. So many people`s Struggle like Fraudness. Pls help me sirFraudster detailsKeni Roykeniroy5@gmail.comPhone no.7285846987Helpline email id - help4formsfilling@gmail.comHelp line: 7046010439/7046010435F.O.Technology company webFraudness of advocate detailsMR. DIPAK PATILADVOCATE ASSOCIATELATUR, MAHARASTRAMobile no. 917218470439Enrolment number : 2203/2016Today all so calling Frome advocates and forced send me money other wise I will send legal notice like sir, same problem face so many people and I created Watts app group and I have every one agreement document it is fake, agree ment document same mention number of them just change names address one , So kindly resolved the problem sir so many people struggle this is biggest scam Fraudness,Bahut students aur women`s slave ho gaya hai is scam Ku ,this is biggest harresment for women`s and students

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