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RD 7 Apr 2019

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I have book hotel on fab hotels on 22 march..I see rooms in app.but after a long journey from kanatal I comes to resikesh ..a time about 10:30 pm.and most we all r soon tired...the rooms in hotel r different from room I see in app...I call costumer care but they don`t help...I search nearbybhotel there all r full....my friends say let`s stay...as we all r soon tired...and kids r crying...I pay for extra bedding...but extra bed has a bad smell.Smell like urine..very difficult to sleep...I have no option to stay ..at night..as I comes to my home town I call fan hotel team..they resiteted my complain..and I call them so many times but they only revert we r working on it...today they change pic of hotel and now they say we can only refund y 10 %..why...I ask why..I say them u have done a cyber crime with me..as y show pic a good room and give me a another room...they say u have already used our service.. But that night I have no option...pls help me out..my booking I`d TIYMAWAND 7BFXBKI think I have to go consumar court...may be y people help me...

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