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RD 10 Aug 2020

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Sir I am priyanka. I applied work from home jobs online. One day a person sent wasapp message that he saw my profile and he will give me work. I asked do i need to pay amount. But they said i don`t need to pay amount, but i need to sign an agreement with them. That agreement states that if failed to submit the work with in given period i need to pay them rs 5500 as registration fee, but if i submitted the work with in the given time they will deduct the amount from my payment. At first i got afraid and called the person said that i`m afraid i may not be able to complete the work. I need to pay the money, but in current situation i don`t even have a single rupee. But they said its just a formality as lot of people take that work but they are not submitting it. So just to made us work properly they are doing it. At that time i badly need work because of family issues so i got convinced and sign the contract. After ten days i submitted the work and they said to wait for qc report and then we will proceed for the payment. I waited these days and today morning their advocate send me a mail that i made a lot of mistakes and i need to pay the money. When i check the forms i fill every form is having extra space between letters, but i checked twice before sending. I don`t know how these mistakes appeared suddenly. At first i got afraid and ask them to give me 2 days i will arrange the money. But they said i have only half an hour time pay their money or else they will file case against me. They are continuously calling me and threatening me that they already send me the court notice to my address. I`m a graduate and i have applied for government job. But now i am completely in mess. Please help me.

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