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Global star solutions Latur Maharashtra - Asking for money

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  Dhruveena on 26 Feb 2019

Dear Sir, I need a help about the GLOBAL STAR SOLUTION company that I got a call from this named company. A men name Ajaykumar(ak7241330@gmail.com)bearing mobile no. [protected] contacted me offering home based form fill-up of 1000 forms each rs 20 and the work should be complete till 10 days and if i can`t able to complete the tasks within time limit u can extend ur time by asking our company.they told that "i have to pay Rs 5200 for utility charge when they are paying salary" and if i complete the task with 90% accuracy than i don`t need to pay any money. Before knowing the company is fraud i agreed with their license agreements, they sent me the username and password but i didn`t start working the job 1st day i filed 20 forms using my brother laptop.2nd day i tried to login using my laptop that not was not login then i tried take some but c9mpany emails fake. i found out that the company is fraud. Please suggest me what i can do if they try to threaten me. This company send come helpline emails and number. when I try to contact with the helpline no. and the helpline mail it is found to be fake. the helpline no. is [protected] helpline email id is helpline.ffdepartment.gmail.com when i emailed to this helpline email id the email was undelivered because the email address was not found . 19 th they sended an emails but i didnt see that next day i got call from a person in the name dipakpatil he told that "am legal adviser of this compay u have to pay 12940/- for our company witin 20 minutes" if u didnt pay we will take legal action u have to attend court in latur maharastra if u fail to submit proper documents u have to pay 80k to 85k to company" i was really shocked becuse still i didnt checked my email and also i dont data in cell then i informed my hubby using my frnds cell he sened me lawyer number.as soon my lawyer called me. Ihav expalianed detailed matter then hw contacted depak patil kindly help me. Then he sened me acc no then told me pay amount for this send payment proof asap to may email id. I dont what to do. I dont knw he is telling lie or true

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