RD 19 May 2020

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Respected Sir/Madam, My name is SAI SRI HARSHITHA. On 11th March 2020 I was contacted by Dolly Singh on my whatsapp number. There she offered me a job of simple form filling by typing 1400 forms within 10 days and in return they will pay rs25 per page (i.e.,rs 35000) including a one time registration fees of rs 6750 which will be deducted from my first salary. Along with that they said that the accuracy of typing should be 90%. Since I got some interest in it and said ok. After that the process started, she asked my adhar card photo and told me to download an app for an agreement. First of all let me clear no agreement was shown to me initially. After opening the app she said to me sign. Then another person called me for verification. Then they mailed me an agreement from the id [email protected] In the agreement it was written that the registration fees has to paid by me if I leave or unable to submit the work or the accuracy is not 90% also I have to pay the money. And If I don`t pay the money they will take legal actions against me. I got afraid and then started to work. While working the website gave many error pages but I finally completed my work on the 10th day.On the final day again I received a call from them ,I said that I had completed my work.They asked me to submit the work to them and then they said that they will check the accuracy of my work. After an hour they again called me and said the accuracy was 87% (only minor errors).They asked me to pay rs7000 so that they will change my errors in the software and pay my salary .I was shocked on listening to it and scared then I asked my friend for suggestion and gave the company number ,then I came to know that it was a fake company.So I blocked the number.Recently I am receiving calls from them Advocates saying I has to pay 6700 or they will file a case against me and now after searching in Google many people said that it is a fraud company. Sir/madam I am in deep trouble, I belong to a very poor family. Please help me. How will I pay those money, I don`t have any . Sir I will be very kind to you, please help me. I am giving all the details below. Person who contacted me Dolly Singh-9924101588 Email- [email protected] Advocates 7284830969(Delhi Arbitration) 7046189638 [email protected]

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