Hdfc Ergo medical insurance - Insurance policy for family taken policy not sent

RD 23 Apr 2019

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Hdfc ergo has not issued me the policy for year 2017 - 2018 after debiting the premium amount paid by cheque to their Thane west Branch. They claimed we have no policy when I went to pay premium for year 2018-2019. On showing proof they now are asking me for more premium for the current year. They also sent me policy documents three months later(Dec 2018) after policy expired in Oct. 2018. Do not want a policy which has got over.. Please help.. They are taking us for a ride by issuing policy after term is lapsed... Today we have no medical cover if anyone falls ill... No bonus for un used premium. Policy is almost 10 years with Hdfcergo.Ramesh Kumar G. Yash R Kumar Vijaya R Kumar 9820644062

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