Hinduja Leyland Finance - Intimation of fraud by Hinduja Leyland Finance Ltd Kota sales team for Vehicle No –RJ20UA8643 Contract No – RJNJKTSV00291

RD 10 Mar 2022

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My name is Ritesh Sood, a resident of Kota Rajasthan. This is to bring into your kind notice that I have been cheated by giving false information and misusing my documents by your team members at Kota. During one of my recent job applications and its background checking process, I was told that my name is there as a guarantor in one of the Auto Loans given by your company to a person Mr. Mehbub Ali. To my surprise I have never signed on any document as a guarantor and personally don’t know Mr. Mehbub Ali who has been a defaulter. I was told by the staff that we just need a reference and you can sign on that as a reference. When this issue first cropped up and I came to know about it, I dug it further to realise that the sales team of your company fraudulently got my signature on documents as a reference. I made pressure on Mr. Ali and helped the company to forfeit the Vehicle on which the loan was due. I belong to a very respectful and reputed family of Kota and my father is retired RPS(Rajasthan Police Services) officer I am mentally very harassed and in huge stress due to this episode. My CIBIL score is impacted and moreover I am getting difficulties to switch my job to a better position due to this cheating where I have done no financial transaction and I have never received any loan documents and why I will give guaranty to Mr Ali who is unknown to me. I have already sent a notice (attached is the copy) and will soon be filing a case in the local court against all the people involved and the company as a primary accused. I will be taking this fraudulent matter to all the concerned authorities including NBFC Ombudsman, Consumer Court, Regional and National office of RBI, Finance Ministry, fraud and 420 case to police against the Hinduja and all the employees involved in it and the judiciary and will escalate to social media too. I am in state of great shock and mental trauma and my professional carrier is heavily hampered due to this fraudulent issue and I will sue all the responsible persons along with the company if this matter is not resolved immediately. Kindly take immediate action and remove my name as a Guarantor to avoid further complexities at both the ends.

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