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https://crunchyoffers.com/products/long-lasting-matte-lipstick-12-pcs-set - Fraud and fake products

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  Sudeshna Indu De on 16 Nov 2019

Dear sir/Madam, This is Sudeshna Indu De. An incident that happened with me, Just a few days ago while scrolling on FaceBook I found an add which was offering a set of 12rich matte lipcolor for 1999/-, where the original price was 3000/-. I ordered a 12set of lipsticks. The link showed such beautiful color shades and the packaging was so impressive that I ordered one. I am attaching the link where shades that they have shown while booking and the shades they have delivered.. https://crunchyoffers.com/products/long-lasting-matte-lipstick-12-pcs-set Now that I feel shamefull to be in a country like INDIA where people really fake like this??? The product that they deliver is not even a worth of 30/- per pc!! More of all most of the lipsticks are broken...when I tried to find their contact number, there is not even a single one..!! The barcode mentioned on the packaging said it`s an invalid one, and the barcode on the product says, it`s a kajal.. Iam confused as to how can a company be such fake! When I replied to their email where my order was confirmed, I found no acknowledgment!! I seriously dnt know what to do. They have charged 1999/- which is ofcourse not a small amount but have delivered all broken pcs. Not only that I am attaching the pics. As a citizen of India and Being a consumer where the company from whom I purchased has faked so plz help me to take further actions. THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙏 My contact details: 9674293327 or 8961077007 **PLEASE NOTE I have already send them a mail with full pic and details attached but did not receive any response from them.

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