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RD 11 Oct 2018

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I ordered a product(Saree worth 1600) in Ltfab which had promising fake reviews and fake website and claim to have 1million followers in Facebook twitter,Instagram and Whatsapp and has a fake customer support.I received the product a very fake product that cannot be used at any means.I contacted the customer care and they are not refunding the amount back.The support person said it was against the company rules.But the Website promises for a 100 % return and refund cancellation policy.They are fooling people I am just a victim there are many 1000s who have been affected and they are not ready to replace the product or refund for the product. The following are claims are flase 1.Selling of false fake items in web 2.Fake websites and fake cusomter care of 100% satisfaction and refund 4.fake/Spurious company and advertisement in all media

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