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I NETWORK - Fraud typing Captcha

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  Syrpai on 5 Jun 2019

I get a call from 7202818419 I network company to work on mac2cap. Before I accept the job they give me 48 hours to work.. ,and told me if I wasn`t comfortable then I can cancel..when I accepted the job, they asked me to send my adhar card and mobile number on watapp 7202818419, and when I had send them they asked to upload my signature. Then they filed an agreement without my permission and the agreement it said that if I fail to complete the work or fail to achieve accuracy then I have to pay 5000 penalty amount to the company...,since she give me 48 hours I called back and asked that in the agreement it said that if I couldn`t then I have to pay....and she said is OK I can do and try I have 48 hours if am not comfortable I can call them back and tell. So after I start working I found is difficult so next morning immediately I call the company to cancel it, for I have my 48hours still. First they were trying to cheat me ....and said if I cancel I have to pay...and I said how come ,you give me 48 hours now why changes... So I asked them to cancel , I thought they cancel already since no more response....but after 15 days they called and threatening me that according to the company I wasn`t able to complete my job so I have to pay 5000 or they will register case on me with the penalty 45000. Please help me from this fraud company and help me get out of this problem....,please take action against them. Please do something.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.

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