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  anirban mandal on 18 Jan 2020

This show called the Roadies ..is the ..most corrupt show in the history of Indian telivision ..this show is sooo crap that if a healthy person watches this show .. tomorrow he or she will say foul languages. And all that shit ..this show is full of sexual content ...and this show should be banned .. it is also responsible for the destruction countless kids .that watch this show ... show content foul language .. slangs .. sexual content ... This show also descriminates the cast and religions ..of the people of this holy INDIA ... My personal encounter with this show is ..it contains ..dating related .. sexually oriented ..people or contestant ..that ...fuc**ed the minds of innocent kids and good people into evil minds ..who are .. trapped in their .lustfull minds .. because of this .. worthless show .. i dont understand how ...indian censor board is not ..censoring amd banning this show ..for good .. ..that will help millions of younger youths to develop a healthy brain ..not to turned into .. sexually oriented beast ... One such case happeneds with me ..that is .. I have a lovely girlfriend who was so sweet . lovable and so honest ..in past few weeks ..she watched the old shitti episodes ...of that mf. Roadies ...and now guess what happened ?.. she lost her virginity .. because she wanted to be ..a cool ...dashing girl just like those who were there in thr show of Roadies AND SPLITSVILLA it feels very sad ..that such a goddess like pure girl will do such a thing ..by just .. watching that show but she did .. it`s all because that shitty show .. i am complaining to the police tomorrow ... And i want all the people of india to protedt and protect your child from this corrupt show that is destroying and disfiguring the next generation of INDIA .. STOP MTV ROADIES .and SPLITSVILLA SAVE LIFE AND THE MINDS OF YOUNG KIDS JAI HIND ..

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