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Nexon Enterprises (CSR) pvt ltd - Advocate harrassment for money

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  Sayali vatare on 20 Jan 2020

I was an engineering student i am searching for online jobs then a company called me and offered a data entry job and sent me an online agreement and i made a sign on that... The job is to fill 10000 captchas in 10 days... I didnt complete my work... Now a advocate calling me frequentltly and harrasing me and saying me to pay 5000 rupees.. Also i pay that money but they also saying that if the money is not paid he will fill a case on me under 420 and 406 sections... I m. Very much afraid of the situation.. I file complaint against them and you give clearance certificate. But now again they harrassed me for pay the money amount 355000/. I suffer from some health issues... Plz help me out... As early as possible


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