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RD 20 Feb 2020

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On 13th April 2019, I found a job offer from Orix Enterprises that paid 55000/- per month for data entry. I found this through https://www.clickindia.com/q/work-from-home-jobs/ while searching for a job. The next day they contacted me and gave WhatsApp number. 300/- was the admission fee. They demanded a video of me stating that I agree to work with the company and Aadhar card photo, details. On 16th April 2019, I did an agreement with them which was digitally signed and was for 11 months. I received my first project 15 days was the time limit, I couldn’t complete it so they asked me to extend the time for 7 days paying 8500/- and told it was refundable with salary. I paid for it and submitted my work. On 11th May 2019, they contacted me and said I didn’t meet 90% accuracy. On 13th May, evening, they said I had to pay a penalty of 10000/-. Apart from that, they said if I wanted to continue work 10000/- should be paid as utility charges which must be paid for all projects I do in the contract time separately and if I wanted to cancel the agreement, then I had to pay 11000/-. They forced me to pay the amount the very next day (14th May) before 11 am else they would legally file a case against me. I paid the penalty and cancellation as per what they said and at 8:37 am (before the deadline). I asked if there were any further procedures for canceling the agreement and they said it is canceled. They mailed me a NOC on the same day. On 21st May 2019, at 2:59 pm, a man contacted me claiming to be an advocate [Adv. A****a S****a +91 8*******61‬] stating that I had to pay 22950/- for the loss I made for the company. When I said I already paid cancellation charges, he said he would see me in court if I didn’t pay the amount. He said I should pay the amount before 5pm on the same day. When asked for clarity of what is happening, he said pay the amount or he would approach the court where penalties of 150,000-500,000/- will be charged. I contacted the company helpline department and they said it was the workload department and is unaware of how things are. Then I mailed the company through the mail address they contacted me for penalty and cancellation. They replied that my ID was transferred to legal department and I had to corporate with them. I forwarded all details to the advocate who contacted me which proved that I had made the payment on time and had canceled my ID before deadline. There is no reason I have to go to court as everything was settled. Even after this he forced me to pay the amount and said to stop fooling around with him. When I kept on asking why I should pay he said it was for CWL. He shouted at me and also told that he will see me at Latur, Maharshtra Court. I didn’t make payment at 5pm as I had no money. Then he said I had to pay 15000/- for now and later the rest to avoid legal issues. He said “your case has been registered under an arbitrary and conciliation act of 1996 as per an article 14” I searched internet and found that there are many complaints against the company for blackmailing people to pay money. I asked his enrolment number and his address and he further didn’t contact me at all. I filed a complaint in ICF [http://www.indiaconsumerforum.org/]. They contacted me through the mail and said “This is a fraud case. If you want our guidance then we need to study the matter and also go through documents/information you have.” I followed their steps and mailed the bank I made payment to for a refund. Since the bank didn’t respond and the company didn’t contact me anymore, I stopped and settled without a refund. On 25th January 2020, after nearly 10 months, another advocate [Adv. Y****i S***h from Advocate Associates, WhatsApp No. 8*******49] contacted me saying I should pay 30950/- which includes 6*5,000 for my 6 signatures. Attaching screenshots. They said I have to appear in court for the same in two days (I didn`t). I had paid 29800/- in total and received not even 1 time salary. They have contacted me from different numbers and mail ids. Please help sir/ma’am. Thank you

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