RD 15 May 2019

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Dear Sir, My name is Parvinder Singh Somal This is with reference to the online form filling work allotted by PW enterprise for filling 1500 forms in 15 days in the month of January, 2019, the software is such one can`t fill the forms in the requisite time frame for which the company penalized me for 4900 but again I was called from some legal department to pay another 9550/- after which they promised to issue NOC. I got my NOC on 29th Jan., 2019. ROHIT SHARMA Advocate as told (9561412964) now this number not in use. I was told nothing I have to pay after this. But again I was sent a message that my case is re -opening on April 28, 2019 from Adv Mihir Patel 9175551230 that I will be called to the court in Latur. I discussed with him about this he said outside the court I have to pay around 15000.00 but if I go to the court proceedings it will be around 80, 000.00. I ignored him and asked him to go ahead. But today again I got a call from some legal department 9766539880 for sending legal documents to my home address and they are telling they can cancel my NOC which is in their hands. So if I pay 15, 000.00 outside the court I shall be out of this matter once and for all. I don`t know what to do. Please help me on this because ita complete harassment. My wife is a BP patient and I didn`t have a job for so long that was the reason I took this form filling job for living but we had to pay money from our own pocket. Please help me on this. I am reachable on 7506948830 or [email protected]

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