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Quikr India Pvt Ltd - Quikr RC Transfer not done for 4.5 months, no response from the company

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  Nancy Sharma on 21 Nov 2019

I had chosen Quikr RC transfer service for a second hand Activa scooter. I paid 900 Rs. to Nawazulla Khan on July 17th, who has not given me any reciept. He told me that the reciept would be given online. On August 11, I contacted him again to know the status of my RC application via email, but there was no response. I tried to call on Quikr customer service number but the number is not working at all. I kept trying to call Nawazulla. He never picked up but one day when he picked up I told him that it`s been 3 months and I have not been able to use my Activa. To this Nawazulla asked me the vehicle number and replied that madam it takes time for the application to move. Give it some time and you`ll get your documents. It`s been more than four months and I`m writing this complaint with utmost frustration. I am sick and tired of trying Nawazulla`s and Quikr`s number. My Active is rusted already and people have been asking me the reason why I`m not able to use it. Quikr services should be fined for inconveniencing me and making me wait to use my own vehicle even after paying so much.I believe they have kept the money in their own pockets. It`s been 4.5 months and I have still not received the documents and neither was I able to contact Quikr. I have been using public transportation for my needs and using Quikr was the worst decision that I made. They should give my documents back and the money that I paid them if they`re not capable of doing the work.

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