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shine.com & shinelearning.com - Money fraud in the name of Job

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  Sanjeev VJ on 2 Feb 2020

After i updated my profile on shine.com on 31.1.2020, i got calls from some sujit or sukant ( executive) explaining me benefits of highlighted account & for this he sent a mail from pgshinecp@shine.com with invoice of Rs2949/- on the same day at 4.52 pm. as per his explanation its a one time payment & valid for lifetime, hence i did the payment. then he sent another mail from r.sahoo@shine.com ( claiming it to be shines employee email) asking for resume. after i sent the resume he called back saying resume is not as per standard & it needs to be rewritten by their professional team. for this he sent another invioce from pgshinecp@shine.com at 5.31 pm for Rs10087/-. because earlier he had told that " its a one time final payment" i refused to pay the amount & had a lengthy 2 hrs discussion. Then another executive sonu rawal called to convince me to pay. then he sent a confirmation mail stating that this Rs10087/- is the final payment & no more payment is required further. Only after getting confirmation email next day ( 1st feb) i paid the amount by clicking the fresh link sent via email at 4.29pm. then again he sent another invoice of 16000 rs for certificate verification which i straightforwardly denied & threatened legal action. then again this sonu rawal called explaining that 16000 rs invoice was autogenerated & need not be payed. This is when i realised that this is a fraud. Hence i am registering this complaint & want your assistance to get the entire amount of 13039 rs refunded back. I request you to look into it and take necessary action.

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