Singapore Airlines and MakemyTrip - Had to pay extra and buy a new ticket

RD 23 Jun 2019

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Had a booked a roundtrip flight with Singapore Airlines from the Makemytrip website from Delhi to Shanghai with a stop over in Singapore. Ended up not using the flight to Shanghai from Delhi due to unforeseen circumstances. Landed up in Shanghai for my flight to Delhi on 7th June 2019 and was told that the flight ticket had been cancelled since the first flight was not boarded. I called up MakemyTrip and they were super unhelpful and just kept repeating that if my first flight was not boarded, this flight would also be cancelled. Was not told that this, before booking the flight by either MakemyTrip or SIngapore Airlines. Makemytrip customer support was not helpful at all and kept hanging up on me and as a result I had to buy a new ticket from Shanghai to Delhi for 71000 rupees. They emailed me right after the ticket was bought and said that I was not "reachable" even though I had no calls and my phone plan allows international calls. They also said that they would refund the money paid for the flight and never did.

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