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RD 30 Mar 2023

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Akriti from this agency contacted me over mobile and email and convinced me that they are genuine agency and registered with Ministry of Human Resource and took the initial fees of Rs.4,000 for checking the candidature qualifying criteria. After they informed me that I have qualified their criteria and now they will lined up an interview with Singapore agencies. On 27 June 2022, they offered me Logistic Manager position in Singapore and offered 3900 SGB every month and to accept this offer they asked me to deposit Rs.20,693 for accepting this offer and I paid same. On 8 September 2022 they informed me that I have qualified the online exam and for visa processing they asked me to deposit Rs.16,524 which I deposited. After from October 2022, they are totally absconding, their mobile, website and email are not working. As a legal step I am going to file a criminal case against them and file complaint at Ministry of Human Resource. If anybody is having their any link let me know that I will make their life hell so that they should not make fools other.

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Pls sir my request call complaint against this number. Mobile number as follows 1)9068137491 2)8826180467(3)9560432863(4)9068137491(5)9058152102(6)9068266890

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Venkatapathy Manpower Consultant
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