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RD 28 Mar 2020

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My Name is Saurabh Ranjan, am Affiliate victim of WAAM-IT (whats app software seller) This company Lie implicates people by speaking, It has 1 software for whats App Marketing.I joined the affiliate program of this company, He said that this company is a business in Israel with a lot of banks. And these people have also been working with many actors of India, they told that Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani Even more working with big actors etc. am impress when they giving me pics with Indian actors and i started working with them, We have been working with them for 1 month, till now we have not received our commission. They are rotating us daily, they give us latest excuses, To this day, we ask for a $ 7000 + commission from the waam-IT company. He gave 512 $ to us on the basis of faith 2208 $ after that, through paypal We have given them further work only on 1 faith, $ 512 came to our bank account from PayPal but 2208 $ was still in PayPal We had a new account on PayPal. That`s way according to policy of PayPal, 2208 $ us people had to come automatically in 21 days, But if the person who has made the payment gets 1 option to release the payment, We have spoken to them, these people have dispute the payment, and they started calling us fake fraud people. And now we are asking for our hard earned money from these people, so this people is coming with new rules. They say that we will continue to give them regular business, only then we can ask for this commission. otherwise they dont gives us our commission. Even more people have done this till today, if I tell you about it, I have to give here full day We want our commission only from this waam-it company, we do not want to do any more work with them. What is a company that does force work..? We do not do sell drugs, from which we could not get out, Help Me cyber team, Roy Zaltsman company owner, he is a mentalist, www.waam-it.com www.telepatia.co.il www.telepathylive.com Office: +972.774341200 Mobile: +972.522621334 Mobile (India): +91.98286.37391 Britain (toll free): 0808.234.2743 email - [email protected] / [email protected] Its friend / business partner is named Ankit Mishra who lives in Lucknow, whose mobile no. +918373904437 He is doing this type of work also, never give him any type of business Memory Enhancement Trainings How to read people and Influence Decisions Magic for Business Mind Reading shows Trade Shows & Exhibitions Convention Host / Emcee

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