Zefo - Cheating customers by selling defective products.

RD 28 Jun 2019

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Zefo / GoZefo is a Bangalore based startup focusing in to selling unboxed as well as used furniture and appliances. They sell factory seconds, which are new goods with minor defects at low prices as well as decently and well used good. They claim that their process involves a complete inspection and ensure quality standards before they source the product. Then the appliance is put through testing and quality checks. Only then they upload detailed pictures of the product for sale and claim to be 100% transparent with the buyers i.e. we buy what we see. What makes the whole experience sweeter? Well you get great products at as cheap as 50% of the market value and there are buy back guarantees. They even give warranties for 6 months for well used products sold from their platform. Anyone reading this must be thinking, how amazing is this? Let’s jump on to their website / warehouse and buy something immediately, right? Well let me break the myth for you. What my friend and I going through with the experience at Zefo / GoZefo is nothing less than torture. Learning this to be too good to be true, we placed an order for a well-used refrigerator via order # 262363 on 26th January 2019. Excited like a child we ripped in to the same only to realize that the happiness of getting this sweet deal will crash in just 15 days. After constant complaints / repairs on the said refrigerator and lot of pestering, they finally accepted the default product and took a return via return id 813779 asking us to order for another refrigerator. Giving them the benefit of doubt, we went ahead and placed an order for a smaller well used refrigerator at a greater value hoping for the right product and were we wrong? We got the new refrigerator via order # 268754 on 25th February 2019 (imagine the frustration in not even a month’s time). Like before, initially it worked fine. To our happiness it managed to work fine for the first three months and then again all hell broke loose on us. The refrigerator broke down again. Let me tell you the customer service executives are smart, they give you’re their personal numbers asking you to reach out to them directly in case of any issue, that way your official lodging of the complaint gets avoided giving Zefo / GoZefo a leeway. However, after multiple visits of the servicemen the refrigerator just does not perform. When a strong complaint was lodge to them via complain number 45408 on 21st June 2019 the repairmen came in and spent hours find the solution of YouTube and fixing the same but of no help. Every time they resolved the matter the refrigerator broke down in the next 24-48 hours. They don’t care if your vegetables, fruits, milk, curd and other food items get destroyed. Having requested them multiple times for either the right repair / refund they came out with a new trick day before yesterday. The service engineer ingeniously found a way to blame us for the under performance of the product. He figured out that the stabilizer was not working fine and it’s the fault of our electricity. I explained them multiple times that we have huge appliances like Air Conditioners, OTG, Washing Machine, etc running on the line without any issues but of no use. They wanted an excuse to dump the faulty product on us and they did just that. After all this harassment, financial loss and suffering today’s (26th July 2019) conversation with them via ticket id 5616998657 was a shocker. They would like to buyback the product at 50% of the rate we bought at. So in short, they first sell a defective product and then replace it with another defective product, then ask their ground staff to ensure that complaints are not lodge via official channels, then if not able to fix the product at the frustration of the client blame the same on the customer, refund half the amount and then probably resell the defective product to another customer letting the vicious cycle go on. I urge everyone reading this post / message to avoid buying anything from Zefo / GoZefo as you will only be cheated and made frustrated. Make your friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances aware of this platform and help them avoid falling in to a trap. They have no value for your hard earned money, your time and your patience.

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