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AKT Enterprises Captcha Company - Captcha Company

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  Akash deoram kawate on 12 Feb 2020

I am student and i apply for home base job on quicker then i got reply from Akt enterprise captcha company and they told to work there work was 7000 captcha in 7days and if i did`nt fill all the captcha in 7days then i want to pay there registration fee of rs 5100 in aggrement. after that they send me message Mr/Ms. Akash Deoram kawate , hard copy Notice of your ?Breach of Contract? case under the Section-420, has been dispatched at your address, which will be delivered to you within 72 working hours. Feel free to call at 6359617846 for any assistance as Government has appointed Public Prosecutor to work in your favor. this type of messages and now they are blackmailing me for money.

Complaint has been resolved sucessfully.

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