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AKT enterprises captcha company - Blackmailing for money and to file a case

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Respected Sir/Madam, I am Prince Kumar Chaubey s/o Lakshman Chaubey I am,a job seeker. One day I was searching home based job online and also applied most of them. A representative of AKT Enterprises called me and tell me about a online work that I will have to fill 7000 captcha and the company will give me 28000/- rs as salary. They told me for my document in whatsapp(9979425914). I send them my documents. After two days they provide me a mail and told to login that site. I did so and started working. But when I checked my report there was errors. So I called in number given above then they told me that unless I fill 90% captcha right,they will not give me any money for my work. I searched that company in google but there were so many comments about it that it was a fraud company. Seeing all reviews I decided to stop that work and uninstall from my phone.But a person who told him a advocate called me and told me that if I want to escape from a case, I will have to pay 5200/- rs otherwise he will fill a case of 250000 rs fine. Please help me sir. I am very frightened.Please solve my problems because the advocate is calling me for money.

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