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Axis bank Ltd - mis selling of LIC Policy

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  Shikha gola on 16 Dec 2019

I am writing this complaint to state my formal grievances with regards to the mis-selling of LIC policy by LIC agent-80002883 I took the policy under the impression that i would receive lump sum amount which doubles investment as well as I enjoy lifetime pension of around Rs 50000, after attaining age of 55 years(ie after 22 years of investment for said plan and not 25 years as mentioned in my plan). I was told that,"If i am doubtful about the policy that was offered to me, i withdraw the same after 5 years". I was shocked to see the policy plan that was actully offered by LIC agent. Since I know the agent`s coordinator Mr Pankaj Malhotra personally thus believed everything the guy was saying, who assured me to combine Plan-836 and Plan-850. But i was offered only Plan-836. I invested Rs 185216 with the good faith which is not a small amount for salaried employee.. I still managed the same with the thought of secured futur of getting pension in near futur. At this moment i feel like cheated as no said peks are available in my policy. Please find the copy of policy attatched. Thus i want to withdraw my policy and therefore request you to go through the matter and cancel my policy without any loss as soon as possible... Looking forward for favourable early response. regards Shikha Gola contact no-9999727905 LIC POLICY NO- 128284229 AXIS BANK AC NO- 912010015630033

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