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RD 18 Dec 2018

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Dear Sir/Madam, Myself Shubhrashree Maji going to registered a complaint against Citi Bank Hyderabad/Telangana Branch related to deficiency in service with respect to loans and advances, delays in sanction, disbursement or non-observance of prescribed time schedule for disposal of loan applications. On 7th Dec2018 I have received a call from Ms.Ashuma Sharma (Mob. 07303526470)of Citi Bank Hyderabad/Telangana Branch loan dept. for OD loan with tenure of 15 yrs and interest rate of 7.5% on annually reducing basis. After understanding all the details of OD loan I agree to avail the loan of Rs.15 lacs and for the same I have provided all the required documents to the following mail id provided by Ms.Ashuma Sharma i.e [email protected] And further the file has been process by Mr. Rohit Sharmra( & 09557023132) and he asked me to pay Rs.37999/-as an insurance amount against which I will receive the loan the same has been transfer thru IMPS in HDFC a/c in the Name of Aman Jha and later on he asked to provide Rs.49999/- has an account activation charges to open OD loan a/c in Citibank which will be refundable within 4 hrs of time period. But mistakenly I have transfer Rs.50000/- thru IMPS in HDFC a/c instead of Rs.49999/- and which get blocked as informed by Mr.Rohit due to improper coding and so he and his senior (Mr.Aditya Sharma) request me to make the payment of Rs.49999/- again in Kotak Mahindra Bank in the name of Sanjay. After transferring the said amount they (Mr. Rohit & Mr.Aditya)inform that due to error in ser ver a/c cannot be open in Citi Bank and they will transfer the loan amount in my ICICI Bank along with the amount which I have paid (i.e 50000/- + 49999/-)for that I have to do one transaction of Rs.1,50,000/- in Kotak Mahindra a/c to check the authenticity of my a/c and which will get reverse back to my a/c in few minutes as informed by Mr.Aditya but the amount of Rs.1.5 lacs didn’t get reverse till the end of the day. And on next day he informed me that due to some NOC issue the fund didn’t get transfer to my account and to get it transfer to my ICICI a/c I need to transfer two NOC amount of Rs.24750/-in HDFC bank a/c & Rs.1,23,000/- in Kotak a/c which will get reverse along with earlier paid amount and loan amount. But till the end of the day no amount has been get credited to my a/c and they keep informing me that there is server issue so the transferring of amount getting delay. And 2 days later i.e on 12/12/2018 my loan file get transfer to Mr.Rahul Verma of a/c dept(Mob. No.08448360659) and as he and his manager Mr.Abir Bhardwaj that they are going to transfer the entire amount which I had paid along with loan amount to my ICICI Bank a/c under fund management process for which I need to do one transaction of Rs.60000/- to the a/c which will be inform by them but I decline to make the transaction of Rs.60000/- and I ask them to provide me all the acknowledgement receipt for the transaction which I made to their specified a/c firstly then I would may think to transfer the required amt. But they said they are sorry to provide the receipt or any kind of details unless and until I make the payment and by making so many request I asked them to transfer the amount which I have paid to you except loan amount to my a/c but they decline it and said until I make the payment of Rs.60000/- they won’t transfer the amount. I think I get cheated by Citi Bank employees. So request you to please look into this matter as early as possible and help me out to get my paid amount reverse to my ICICI a/c asap as being a middle class person currently I facing lot of financial crunch and going thru tremendous stress so again and again requesting you to please take the necessary action and do the needful to get reverse my block amount of Rs.435748/- to my a/c asap. Regards, Shubhrashree Maji(Mob.07387090018 / 9823235083)

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