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Club factory - Refund not provided

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  Jhalak on 28 Dec 2019

I had got a hoodie from club factory on 5th as per my order.But the size was too small from what i had order. I made a return request and the respective person came to my home and took the product and gave me a return slip that i have attached. But in the app it is showing that the return request has been cancelled and re apply for a return and iam not getting a refund.it`s been a month.everyday they ask me to re apply for return but what i will return again when i have already returned it earlier.then also i re applied and again a man came to take the package but i told him that i have already returned the package i don`t have anything i just re applied for a return because i have been told to do so. They are not ready to give my ₹405 rupees.i want my whole money back without a deduction of ₹90 since it`s none of my mistake

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