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RD 18 May 2022

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I have taken a vehicle loan from Hinduja Leyland Finance on March 2020.  From April 2020 I have been paying my EMIs without fail. And during May 2020, the first wave of COVID 19, I have not requested for availaing moratorium but from May 2020 to Aug 2020, my EMI had not been debited despite I had adequate funds in my account. From Aug 2020, I have tried to close my loan but no representatives contacted me. I had raised the foreclousre request in HLF connect app but it did not work out well. I did not find any single representative to whom I can share my grievances.  As on 06 th May 2022, I had paid 22 EMIs out of the contracted 24 EMIs but in the HLF connect, it is showing that tha loan will continue till October 2022 that means I have to pay 27 EMIs in stead of 24 EMIs. I don`t really understand why I will be charged the extra 3 EMIs? I have never defaulted my loan for the last 2 years. Last 2 months foreclosure request is attached where I can see that the balance principal amount is same despite I have paid the EMI yesterday. No change in principal amount took place.  (Copy Attached) I need clarification of all the above matter and need a call back from you and its your responsibility to hear out your customers. You should not run away from your responsibilities. Everyone is facing difficulties in this covid period but the act of injustice shown by your company can not be tolerated.

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