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MakeMyTrip - Misleading by MakeMyTrip

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Sw Swapnil on 29 Dec 2019

Respected Sir MMT gas sold tickets for scratch and win contest wherein customers may win MMT cash OR new year party vouchers. I purchased 10 tickets and win new year party vouchers. MMT has provided me the coupon code which i need to apply at hotel I e. TRYST, LIWER OAREL MUMBAI online at MMT platform. The coupon code provided by MMT I`d invalid. When I requested MMT through chat they informed it has to be raised to other team and will take 24 to 48 hrs Knowing the fact that coupon is applicable only upto 31.12.2019. Sir this is cheating by MMT .Now they have removed the SCRATCH AND WIN section from their website Sir please help me.

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