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Unknown - Umknown

Vijay Kumar on 2 Dec 2020

Sir/ mam A call from unknown number I received they make me registered . and after that they want money from me And make me harassment .I am poor student I thought they are giving me job but they are fraud. Mobile numbers by which I get call are 07227034958. 9820094648...

Omninos Solutions - Cheated us of Rs 37300

George Rajan on 30 Aug 2020

This Omninos Solutions is a bunch of fraudsters. They keep posting of having readymade clones of highly successful applications like tiktok, Twitter etc. The only thing they are interested in is the advance payment. Swati Sharma employed with them will make continuous calls to get the advance payment. Then we have Gunjan who would act a Project ...

TNE Solutions - TNE Solutions Scam , asking money

Adithi Shetty on 20 Jul 2020

Few days back I had got a call from a company called TNE solutions, with a recaptcha work , they offered 21,000Rs for 10days payment and asked if I am ready for the job, for further they told me to pass the aadhar card details and address details . I received a mail an onboarding mail, but soon I got to know that the company is a scam and they hav...

Tops technologies - Recommended money

Pooja Gore on 27 Jun 2020

Tops technologies company give me 1200 form for on 18th june 2020 and said that for each form 25/- will be paid to me and those form have to be submitted within eight days they aslo said that final payment 30000 will be given to me but if accuracy is less 6700 Rs. Will be deducted from final payment. Now on 25th june i complete 1200 forms and sub...

Cryptic direct. Com - Cryptic direct. Com

Savitha Gayathri on 17 Jun 2020

I paid 7000 rs to this company they told bthey will recover my gmail password which I forgot now they did nothing and I sent money to various accounts through phone pe to hemalata no 9999167985 and 7377051036 and 9408306739 now they fool me like anything please take action against them...

HP India - Laptop issue

Deepak Bansal on 4 Jun 2020

I am facing operating system issue in my laptop. I have raise a complaint many times but there is no one who can resolve it. I approaches service centers but they deny to do this. Its been a 2 months I am facing this issue and it just a 5 months I bought this Laptop. It is in warranty....,, Roy Zaltsman Company Owner, - commission not received from last month 7000$

Saurabh ranjan on 28 Mar 2020

My Name is Saurabh Ranjan, am Affiliate victim of WAAM-IT (whats app software seller) This company Lie implicates people by speaking, It has 1 software for whats App Marketing.I joined the affiliate program of this company, He said that this company is a business in Israel with a lot of banks. And these people have also been working with many ac...

Easy solutions - Fraud company

Rajani Bhisikar on 13 Mar 2020

I got a call from easy solution and told me to do the captcha work ..and send me a list after clicking it directly shown me registration done.. without any guidance they gave id pwd which was incorrect.Now they are asking me to pay money and filed the case...

I NETWORK - Block mailing

Puligundlajagadeesh on 13 Feb 2020

Sir initial call me captcha code job aggniment with mi sir and app will not opened sir captcha code not is not working sir please help me sir please sir he has call and block mailing the to pay the penalty and attend court please help me sir...

JUST DAIL LTD - Website Service

UMESH on 23 Jan 2020

I asked to make a website and first I was told that I will make the website as I want, a few days after taking the drink, I was told that we cannot make such a website Then I said let me get my paytm back, ok but now I am spending time for 45 days by making excuses for returning paytm, but I am not returning paytm, I have everything Please find ...

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