Work at Home, Part Time Jobs Complaints and Review - Fraud

Vijay Kumar Jaiswal on 11 Apr 2023

I got a call from regarding Application booster services that can help me finding a new job. They initially said, charges would be Rs. 3292 only. So, I paid that amount. Then again they said, additional charges would be Rs. 5192 followed by Rs. 8376 and said, it`s for verification and carrier counseling. I was not satisfied with this beca...

Techonomotion hiring services - Harassment from Technomotion Hiring services

Alapati Varunkrishna Alapati on 10 May 2022

The above company is called and offered me a data entry job. i except there offer. and they put some terms and conditions. i asked regarding job details that time. they told our exicutive will instruct you and they will send the video of job sample. so i agreed to do the job. then they sent there text images which are poor quality which means its d...

Tesco Solutions - Asking money

Rajesh Ch on 15 Jan 2022

it`s okay sir i understand now i don`t want to your payment you just come to the court and right now i`m going to submit your file in the court after that your case will be register under agreement breach of contract act 1872 and you will get the case number also and within 2 to 3 days you will get the notice at your nearest by police station on...

online data entry jobs - Data Entryv

S V Venkateswara Rao Yadavalli on 8 Dec 2021

The data entry company has called me saying that you will earn 16000 to 19000 rupees in 12 days by working part time or full time by doing data entry of name address etc if 1200 applications in 12 days. There after they have asked for Voter id mail id photograph etc, they also asked to do email verification. i have done rhe verification through my ...

Job search net - Data entry job fraud

Jangareddy Susmitha on 24 Jul 2021

Respected sir/madam I received a message from teamlease about work from home data entry job they send the contact no girl picked the phone she told her name roshni she told about the job then I registered with them by providing my Aadhaar card details. After that I received log in id and password and website details through e-mai...

Digital data jobs - Lost money 😔

Akshaya Martha on 7 Jun 2021

Sir I have seen this job in freelancer app. They sent 50 pics and said to do it in ms word . So I have done this job and completed the work on time and submitted them. They sent a mail that if we pay 3600 they will credit our salary in our Bank account. We opposed them because we don`t have single rupee they said that they will file a case on our ...

LNC Enterprise - Data Entry Fraud

Berjies Faureq on 31 Mar 2021

Respected Authority The company stating to be LNC Enterprise sent me work from home offer on 12 march and even before the completion time messaged me that my work isn`t accurate so an FIR will be registered on my name or I should pay 7100 through paytm... I had registered on quikr probably where they found my account..They asked me to fil...

Sky worth text - Adv legal intimation letter to block mail

Md Khan on 25 Mar 2021

My name Sara I join 17-3-2021 sky worth text data entry home based simple typing job agreement to joining .I will start work but 19-3-2021 day 7:30pm I login but my ID blocked reason iam login multiple devices but I can`t login multiple devices only laptop use mention provider to contact so I call helpline number Nita mam9 776169274 I told pl...

Skyworth text - Online fraud

ROUTHU DHARMA on 18 Mar 2021

ee madya naaku oka phone call vachindhi. work from home jobs. vaallu forms fill cheyali. 500 forms fill cheyali. 10days lo cheyali. cheste meeku 40000 money istaru. 5400 cut cheskoni istaru ani. okaveka 500forms fill cheyakapothe sni nen adiginappudu em kadhu sir vallu time podigistaru meeru ematram money kattalsina avasaram ledhu ani chepparu. ok...

Gvs technology - Blackmailing gvs

Sandeep Kumar on 21 Feb 2021

these gvs technology company they are threatening me. Today i got call from advocate they said i have to attend the court on monday. They told me. I didn`t submit wok. But i submit my without any mistake. They called me today they said i have to attend the court on monday. Please sir help me these guys are faurd people please help me out these prbl...

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